Ships in build

MV Fredo - Update

Need some more realistic changes. After the time we got more experience with modeling thats why the Fredo needs an update. As one of the first models from us the Fredo is without many nice items. So now in these update there will be an own engine telegraph and other stuff. Also we changed the vessel manouvering parameters a lot.

Hopefully you will enjoy the update when it is out. Thanks!

Swath Pilot Tender - First "boat"

Some different. This vessel or small boat will be a SWATH Pilot Tender from the german shipyard "Abeking & Rasmussen". It´s the first time that we built a small boat or vessel like this but during the time we saw that also we need a Pilot Tender for gaming so we hope you will need it as we need it. Upload date or schedule we couldn´t say at the moment. Many projects are running at the moment as you can see on the site.

Small Feeder-Container vessel Raunavik

Hello again, on this Vessel we´re working a long time already. It is a german built container vessel from the shipyard "J.J. Sietas". We hope we can upload the vessel in a few weeks. You will find the vessel under "Ships for sale".

26 march 2017 - We are working on an update for Forester. We hope you will enjoy.